Your Super Sweet, Sweet 16 – Do You Remember?

You only turn 16 once – and you should celebrate! Traditions for a 16th birthday are up to the individual, but what we all  know is that it’s something special and can be a rite of passage.  It’s a time for  coming-of-age, self discovery, falling love, discovering hobbies and interests, creating life long bonds and a whole lot of ‘awkward firsts’! For those of you reading this whose 16th Birthday is but a distant memory, do you remember how it felt to turn 16? How did you celebrate? Who were you with? Do you still talk to those friends you spent that day with? Uh-oh. Now we’re getting nostalgic. If you’re lucky enough to be turning 16 right away, we hope you embrace the adventure – and celebrate with some sunshine and your favorite people!

Photo 6-18-2014, 11 27 30 AM

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