What Is A Promise Ring?

Promise rings are becoming increasingly popular these days among couples young and old. Sometimes referred to as pre-engagement rings, promise rings are popular among couples who want to commit to each other but aren’t quite ready to tie the knot. However, a promise ring can symbolize so much more than an impending engagement and certainly isn’t exclusive to couples. What makes a promise ring so special is that each one represents something completely unique to the wearer. It’s a sparkling symbol of any promise you’ve made to someone you love… even yourself!

At Jewlr, all of our jewelry is personalized and one-of-a-kind, so we’re always getting inspired by the stories behind the rings. Want to know if a promise ring is right for you? Keep reading to discover some of the different ways to wear a promise ring!

Couples Promise Rings

Personalized for that special someone with both of your birthstones and a sentimental engraving, a promise ring is an adorable way to celebrate falling in love. It can symbolize an anniversary or special occasion, or simply show her how much you care.


Personalize the Double Heart Gemstone Ring here.



Family Promise Rings

With a sparkling stone for each member of your family, a promise ring can symbolize your love for each other and the special closeness that you share. You can also personalize the ring to honor someone special that you’ve lost, so they’ll never be far from your heart.

Personalize the Double Heart Cage Ring here.



Friendship Promise Rings

True friends are hard to find. Wearing matching promise rings is a great way for you and your bestie to stay connected, no matter where life takes you. Even if you have a big group of close friends, you can all wear matching rings with each other’s birthstones!

Personalize the Triple Heart Infinity Ring here.

Personal Promise Rings

You don’t need anyone else to make your promise ring special. The ring can symbolize a meaningful moment in your life, an obstacle you’ve overcome or a goal you hope to someday achieve. It’s all about you!

Personalize the Espiral Princess Cut Ring here.



Men’s Promise Rings

Promise rings aren’t just for women… sometimes men need a little sparkle too! Whether he’s wearing his matching couples ring, a fathers ring, or a ring just for him, a personalized promise ring is so much more than just jewelry.

Personalize the Men’s Double Baguette Ring here.


What type of promise does your ring represent? Visit Jewlr.com to customize yours today!





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