Wedding Style: Maximalist

Last month we offered up a few Jewlr designs for a minimalist wedding. This month, in light of our recent launch of upsized gems, we’re featuring some of our most sparkling offerings for an over-the-top maximalist soiree!


If princess ball gowns and cascades of sequins are more your style, then the maximalist wedding style will be right up your alley. Featuring some of our dazzling new Swarovski giants, this look is all about the bling.

Accent the voluminous tulle of a full-skirted ball gown with the equally billowy, Victoria Double Halo Ring. Featuring a larger than life Swarovski at its centre and two rows of glittery accents, this ring will become a symbolic keepsake of your maximalist wedding day.

Maid of honor
If your wedding party is small, then use the opportunity to spoil the ladies in your retinue with an eye-catching ring to thank them for their support. The Victoria Single Halo Ring is the dainty sister of the Victoria Double Halo Ring but still packs a sparkled punch.

Is a younger sister taking on the role of bridesmaid? Let her in on the fabulous fun with a ring of her own. The Royal Tulip Ring with Bezel Collar Stone not only offers its very own dazzling solitaire, but also a secret stone on its collar. This slightly hidden stone is a great place to put your sibling’s birthstone to signify your sisterly bond.

All three rings above can be customized with your choice of metal, engraving and Swarovski Zirconia. You can shop the new range of rings and more at

(Images: bridal gown, maid of honor gown, bridesmaid gown)

Are you a minimalist of a maximalist? Tell us below!

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