Wedding Ring Photos

Wedding rings may have been an odd detail to photograph in the past (with the focus largely on the bride and groom), but contemporary photographers are frequently turning their lenses to the finer details to create artistic records of the special day.

Skip the usual ring on hand shot that has defined traditional wedding photography and try one of these 6 inspiring ring photograph ideas for your big day instead!


Monogrammed still life
Monograms may be traditional but they’re still hugely popular with contemporary weddings. If your wedding features a special set of initials, a crest or important symbol, have your photographer capture this detail alongside your stack of sparkle. Monogrammed napkins, invitations and menus work best with this type of shot.


The book of shadows
An oldie but a goodie, this simple play on shadows is striking and easy to setup. If there’s a book that’s particularly special to you, make sure you have it on hand as your photographer can adjust the focus to include some of the book’s prose.


Rough it up
Wedding bands are traditionally smooth and rounded and as any artist will tell you, contrast is the best form of complement. Woodgrain, fabric and stone are all great backdrops for a pair of shiny wedding bands so keep an eye out for places to shoot when you visit your venue next.


Sometimes rings do look best on the wearer and so all that’s really needed is an unusual pose to make that ring shot pop. An endearing embrace is frozen in time with this behind-the-head hand shot, capturing not only a heartwarming moment but the spectacular wedding day ring as well.


Spell it out
Whether you’re a lover of boardgames or not, a few Scrabble tiles are all you need to make your very own version of this popular ring shot. Give this trendy photo a unique spin for your big day with a phrase or word that’s special to you.


With open hands
Little ones who are part of your wedding retinue may have their moment in the spotlight at the start of the ceremony, but there’s no reason why you can’t include them again later on. Tiny hands provide an adorable backdrop to a pair of larger-than-life rings in this simple yet effective ring shot.

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(Images: monogram, book, texture, head, scrabble, flower girl)

What wedding ring photos will you be taking on your wedding day? Tell us below!

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