Types of Necklaces

Necklaces come in all shapes, sizes and materials. When choosing a necklace, one of the first things you should decide is which type you are looking for.

A choker is a very short necklace. This type of necklace rests above the neckline, close to throat. It’s normally about 14 inches long.

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A collar necklace is slightly longer than a choker. This popular type of necklace rests at the bottom of the neck.

A princess length necklace is a standard, classic necklace. The chain is usually 18-20 inches in length.

A bib necklace is a layered, chunky necklace that resembles a bib. They are often worn on the red carpet by celebrities.

A waterfall necklace is somewhat similar to a bib necklace. However, it has dangling sections to create a waterfall look.

Rope necklaces are very long (24 inches or more). You can wear them long, or wrap them to create a double strand look.

Opera length necklaces are even longer. They can be chains, pearls or have pendants. Opera necklaces are usually 30 inches or longer.

Lariats are long necklaces that are unattached on one end. You can tie them in various ways for different looks.

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