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The traditional beauty of Celtic jewelry has become a widespread symbol of love between families, friends and couples. Celtic knots and Claddagh designs have a rich cultural heritage as well as stunning features. The striking details of Celtic jewelry makes it a timeless and gorgeous gift for friends and family. To make these pieces even more special, customize any ring or pendant to reflect your unique style and story. Check out Jewlr’s full collection here!

Trinity Knot Rings

The trinity knot, or ‘triquetra’, represents the three promises of a relationship such as to love, honour, and protect. The meaning behind the gorgeous design of the knot is what makes it a great promise ring, engagement ring or symbol of commitment for someone you love. Personalize your perfect ring with any metal, birthstone or engraving to create a truly special gift! See more Celtic rings here.

Trinity Knot Pendants

Love is rooted in the intricate design of these family pendants. Featuring the classic trinity knot, the heart detailing encases a mother and child for a piece that is both delicate and beautiful. Customize these pieces with any metal and engraving, or add up to five birthstones to represent your family and friends. Celtic jewelry always makes a perfect gift to celebrate the people you love. See more Celtic pendants here.

Claddagh Jewelry

The Claddagh is one of the most recognizable and treasured symbols of love. The heart, hands and crown element of the Claddagh come together to represent love, friendship and loyalty. This stunning piece is an incredibly popular promise, engagement and family ring. Customize any Claddagh by adding the birthstones of your loved ones, engraving a special message into the band, and selecting your favorite metal. See more Claddagh jewelry here.

Mens Celtic Jewelry 

Jewlr offers a range of beautifully designed Celtic rings and pendants for men. Combining tradition with style, our collection is the perfect gift for your someone special. Try engraving a ring to mark a momentous occasion, or add a birthstone to a pendant as a shimmering symbol of love. See more Celtic jewelry for men here.

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