Trend alert: cobweb t-shirts

These $165 “cobweb” tees from Obesity and Speed have been showing up on celebs all summer. Jury’s out on our end about the tattered tees – what do you think?

Welcome to the inevitable next step in illusion fashion: the cobweb t-shirt. Retailing at a cool $165 from cult outfitter Obesity and Speed, the tattered-back tees, like the tattoo sleeve tee, get the last laugh by fooling onlookers, in this case into thinking that you’ve a) been left in a coma in a haunted attic; b) periodically shed your skin like a snake; c) have been wearing that shirt so long it’s literally disintegrating on your body.

We jest, of course (a bit). On the right person, cobweb tees have a certain gothic charm. They’ve been spotted this season on both Miley Cyrus and Gwen Stefani.

Here’s Miley:

…and here’s Gwen:

Photos courtesy of the sublime Tom and Lorenzo.

What do you think about the cobweb tee? Are your spidey style senses tingling, or does it just make you want to dust your light fixtures? Comment away.

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