This is YOUR year!

The year is about half way over and it’s time to reflect. What was great about 2015 so far? What excitement is coming your way? Did you graduate this year? Have a milestone birthday or anniversary? Have a baby? Get married? Get a promotion at work, or even a new job? Or maybe you reached a goal, traveled to a destination or made a change that you’ve been looking forward to for ages! Regardless, 2015 is YOUR year, so why not memorialize it!?

Sometimes something as simple as a classic birthstone ring, a charm or a beautiful pendant with the year subtly engraved or even worked in as part of the design is the perfect way to never forget a year that was super significant in your life! Commemorating a life event with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is an amazing way to have a special treasure, to represent an occasion that will forever be close to your heart.

Take a look at some 2015 jewelry that we are absolutely LOVING right now!

img_9930s_720 img_9908s_720

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