The Well-stocked Handbag

Essentials every women should carry.

A handbag is more than an accessory, it’s the ultimate storage device. While trends may come and go, the handbag’s function as carry-all remains paramount. A modern women simply cannot tote around all her everyday essentials without one.

However every woman has been guilty of shoving just about everything into her trusty strapped companion, turning them into black holes for keys, lonely earrings and gum wrappers. It’s no wonder we can never find our cellphone when it’s ringing!

But today I’ve rounded up a must-have kit for the girl on the go, all available from your local Target

The Well-Stocked Handbag

1. The Pouch
The most important item you’ll need for your kit is a brightly colored cosmetic pouch. Not only will its vibrant hue be easy to spot in the depths of your bag, but it will corral its contents and ensure they make the journey from handbag to handbag. Too often has a favourite lipstick been forgotten in last night’s clutch.

2. Mirror
This is one of the most used items in my kit. Whether I’m checking for clean teeth, confirming the state of my lipstick or touching up my concealer, my pocket mirror keeps me feeling confident that all is peachy from the neck up.

3. Breath Mints
Keep whatever you’ve had for lunch a secret with a small pack of mints.

4. Hand Sanitizer
No matter whether you’ve handled a greasy shopping cart, public bathroom door or just picked up something sticky, this little product will get you back to your squeaky clean self in a jiffy.

5. Lip Balm
Forget lipsticks, glosses and stains when it comes to your kit. Opt for a nourishing balm instead. While other lip products may be pretty, they’re also drying and not particularly long-lasting. Stick to a tube or tub filled with natural moisturizing properties.

6. Hair Clips
Combat flyaways and create last-minute updos with a few all-purpose clips.

7. Hand Cream
A small tube of moisturizing hand cream will not only keep hands soft and supple, but it will also keep dry spots at bay everywhere else. Great for elbows, shins and heels, this versatile product will ensure your skin is silky smooth all day long.

8. Mini Brush
A quick dash to a meeting, a bout of unreasonable weather and some good old fashioned static will have your hair in desperate need of a quick comb. Combat the tangles with a small padded brush.

9. Painkiller
Headaches and sinus pain strike when you least expect it. Be prepared at all times to battle sudden head pain with a sheet of pills from a box of your preferred painkiller.

10. Tampons
Yup, this one is a biggie. Don’t be that girl left without one. Instead be the kind stranger or caring friend who just so happens to have a spare. Many brands even offer pretty cases for discreet transport.

11. Mini Scent
A quick spritz of anything pleasantly scented will take you from a long day at work to fresh and ready for a night out. Stock up on small perfume bottles from event goodie bags and magazines or keep a lookout for free samples. They may not be your chosen scent but they’ll do the trick when you’re in a pinch. Alternatively pick up a small Eau de Toilette from your favorite perfumery.

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