The Hair Bow Bun

Re-create the iconic hair bow made famous by Lady Gaga.

The Hair Bow Bun

Last week’s post on bows mentioned the delightful hair bow once donned by the fearless diva. Turns out this avant-garde hairstyle is not only a chic alternative for an upstyle, but easy to DIY too!

If you search for “hair bow” online you’ll come across a number of great tutorials. To keep things simple we’ve cut through the masses and selected the key points to creating this style at home in less than 5 minutes.

  • First sweep freshly blow-dried hair up into a high ponytail. Leave a one-inch section of hair loose directly below the ponytail.
  • Divide ponytail into two, equal halves.
  • Wrap one half around your palm towards your head into a loop. Keep wrapping around your palm until all the hair is completely wrapped. Keep in place with your palm. For longer hair fan out your first loop to cover the other loops.
  • Use hair clips to secure the loop in place against your head.
  • Repeat the process with the other half to create the other side of the bow.
  • Take the remaining inch of loose hair and pull it up and over the centre of the bow, bisecting the halves. Pin this just above the elastic and pull down back over the elastic and pin again.
  • Tuck remaining ends into one of the loops.

And voilà, a Gaga-inspired hair bow suitable for everyday!

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