The Cut: Heart

Jewelry may be the go to gift to say “I love you”, but few symbols embody true love quite like the heart. Heart-shaped stones are therefore the perfect choice when considering a gemstone cut for a loved one.


The history
Interestingly, despite its unfaltering popularity, little is known about the origins of the heart cut. We do know, however, that the cut has been around for awhile. Mentioned in the records and correspondence of famous historical figures like Mary, Queen of Scots,; Cardinal de Richelieu and Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza; it’s clear the heart-cut stone has been coveted for centuries.

What makes it special
A modern heart cut gemstone should exhibit great brilliance and fire if well cut. If a rough stone includes a flaw, it may be possible for the cutter to use the heart shape in order to remove the inclusion – maximizing the overall carat yield from the rough stone. This is often the solution when the rounded area of a pear cut stone includes such a flaw.

What to look out for
Just like the pointed ends of marquise and pear cut stones, the heart cut’s pointed tip is the stone’s weakest point and should always be protected by the jewelry setting to prevent chipping.

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