How To Pick The Perfect Stone

When it comes to personalizing your piece, gemstones can make all the difference between drab and fab! Jewlr offers a selection of gorgeous genuine and sparkling simulated stones to customize any ring, pendant, or earrings with. But how do you know which stone is right for you? Understanding the unique properties of each can really help make your decision easier- and more fun!


Genuine Stones: The Breakdown

Genuine stones cost extra when personalizing your favourite piece, but they are definitely worth it! 
Shown above is a stunning genuine ruby and diamond set in our Double Heart Gemstone Ring!

Genuine gemstones are mined from deep within the Earth, making them rare, valuable and breathtakingly beautiful! Because of their natural properties, sometimes genuine stones can have minor imperfections such as inclusions. Inclusions are generally small gas bubbles that were trapped during formation, but can also be iron pyrite or water. However, these minor imperfections give the stone give the stone a unique personality and character. It is also an easy way to tell if the stone is truly genuine!

Genuine stones are also known to have spiritual meanings associated with them. For example, not only does Amethyst represent the month of February; but also traits such as independence, courage, and balance!


Simulated Stones: The Breakdown

Simulated stones are a great cost-effective way to add sparkle and shine to any item!
Shown above is a gorgeous simulated garnet and blue topaz set in our Double Baguette Bypass Ring!

Simulated gemstones are created in laboratories and emulate the characteristics and look of genuine gemstones. They tend to have very vivid colors to them, as there are no impurities that would modify the clarity or color of the stone. Therefore, the colors in simulated gemstones are consistent and can be easily matched with one another for a uniform look. They add great sparkle, and will be free of any inclusions or minor imperfections.


Swarovski Stones: The Breakdown

Swarovski zirconia will truly take your breath away with their unique colours and value!
Shown above is a marvelous mint swarovski is set in our Organic Leaf Ring.

Swarovski Zirconia stones are flawless simulated diamonds. The fine and distinctive brilliance of the Swarovski Zirconia is what sets them apart from other simulated stones. This line also includes simulated versions of the most distinctive diamond colours such as Fancy Yellow, Fancy Pink, Fancy Blue, Fancy Brown and Black. These colours are not offered in our simulated stone line, so this is a great option if you would like to experiment with non-birthstone gems in your jewelry.


Final Decision

Both simulated stones and genuine stones are great options for your custom piece, and it is completely up to you to decide which fit better for you. Genuine stones add unique beauty and value to your piece, whereas simulated stones are more uniform in nature and sparkly. Swarovski stones are great for adding ultimate glamour to any ring, and are best suited for statement pieces!




Shimmering stones make all the difference, and Jewlr lets you decide exactly what you want! Start personalizing your perfect piece at


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