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With Mad Men back on the air, get ready for your fashion fantasies to again be hijacked by fitted dresses, smart suits, and bold, oh-so-chic jewelry. And who does chic 60s bling better than everyone’s favorite redhead, Joan Holloway? We share our picks for our top 5 fave Joan jewelry looks from the series so far.

1. The pen necklace

The pen necklace Joan wears throughout the series is the quintessence of her character: business-practical, yet still feminine and dead-sexy. Because she wears this piece a lot, Joan tends to build her looks around it: her other jewelry choices tend to match the pen in colour and style, like her earrings, brooch, and even her watch in this outfit. Still, the overall look is polished, not fusty. Pure professional glam, Mad Men style.

2. Multiple brooches

Michelle Obama, take notes! The way that Joan decorates the neckline of her dress with randomly placed pins that complement each other is a genius way to add interest to a simple, monochromatic outfit. Talk about co-ordination: while the brooches aren’t an exact match, they mirror each other’s swirly shape, and pick up the curved lines of her skirt pattern and hair. Proof positive that it’s not what you’ve got – it’s how you work it.

3. Leafy choker

The sublime blogging team Tom and Lorenzo, who have been doing some great Mad Men style posts, pointed out that Joan Holloway rarely shows off her cleavage, opting instead for fitted sheathes that follow her curves without exposing them. When she does go for a lower neckline, though, she makes sure she works the look to her advantage. In this black evening ensemble, Joan accentuates her decolletage with a delicate vine-y choker that keeps the look as classy as it is sexy.

4. Brooch with chains

Photo from Tom and Lorenzo

Could this two-piece brooch be any cooler? It’s like the classy 60s equivalent of a belly chain. Joan works the hell out of it by leaving the pen necklace at home, thus calling attention to the unusual piece of jewelry. We love that she placed one part on her shoulder – it’s touches of artistry like those that remind us why Joan is probably the most creative thinker at Sterling-Cooper (Draper-Price).

5. Necklace of spikes + matching earrings

This deco-ish necklace and earrings set Joan wore in Season 2 is unlike anything we’ve seen her in before – but somehow, it still looks perfectly Joan! The edgy-for-the-time shape, autumnal colours, and overall drama of the set adds a much needed kick of youth and fashion to her business-like green ensemble, and we love the way the hue looks with her fair skin and red hair.

What are your favorite Mad Men jewelry moments? What styles are you looking forward to seeing in Season 4?

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