Sparkle Icon: Frida Kalho

Dramatic, creative and courageous: the 20th century painter was as much of a pioneer with her personal style as she was with her painting.

The early 20th century painter Frida Kalho is renowned for her contributions to painting, as well as her role as a trailblazer for Central American and female artists. But we love her style, too – unibrow and all. In particular, Frida made dramatic use of Central and South American jewelry to put together a total look that was as sophisticated as it was provocative and bold.

To channel your own inner Frida, invest in some heavy chandelier earrings, bib-style silver necklaces, or huge beads to sling around your neck and wrists. Floral headpiece optional, but extra points for a bolder brow. Embracing your flaws? The key to true personal style.

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