Seeing Your Wedding in Color

Congratulations! You’re engaged! What a whirlwind – it seems like time slows down and this moment you’ve anticipated takes over. Love feels good.

So then comes the planning. Lists, shopping, magazines, advice.. it comes at you so quickly. We’re watching a few of the girls around the office go through this right now, so it inspired us to talk about one big detail that can end up being the foundation (other than your relationship!) of the celebration: Color!

The color scheme of your wedding can set a mood, tell a story or simply, accent the beautiful people in your party and celebration. Popular colors for 2014 seem to fall into the zone of pastels, juxtaposed by bright or saturated accents. Think of a light, lilac toned dress with a deep purple sash. We at Jewlr are in love with color – that’s why we offer so many different choices for stones!

So what’s your dream, wedding color scheme? We want to know! Do you love the understated elegance of neutral or pastel tones, or the bold statement of a bright red? Would you dress your bridesmaids in black… or even white like the bride?

The options are endless – and it’s never too early to start thinking about it is it?….


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