Sapphire: The September Birthstone

September’s birthstone is one of brilliant blue beauty, coveted for centuries for its mesmerizing color and exceptional sparkle.




The name “sapphire” is derived from the Greek word “sappheiros,” meaning “precious stone” and is a member of the corundum family. Sapphires are classified as one of the four types of precious gemstones alongside diamonds, emeralds and rubies.


Although sapphires actually come in a wide variety of colors, blue sapphires are the most desired and popular variety.




Blue sapphire is often referred to as a heavenly gem, believed to bring its wearer a life of blessings and love. As a symbol of heaven, the stone represents purity, honesty, faith and sincerity. The gem is also said to offer protection from harm and envy. Wearing sapphire jewelry can bring wisdom, power and strength in even the most challenging situations.

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Sapphire is an incredibly strong and durable gemstone, rating a 9/10 on the Mohs Mineral Hardness Scale. Sapphires come second only to diamonds on this scale, a virtually indestructible gem. Due to their incredible strength and lasting lustre, sapphires are a symbol of fidelity and trust. For centuries they have been given as a gift of everlasting love and commitment.

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