Ring Guide: How To Find Your Perfect Stone Shape

Whether you’re in the market for a promise ring, engagement ring or anniversary ring, finding the piece that best suits your loved one can require some research. Take into consideration the personality and style of the receiver when selecting your stone, so that the ring is a reflection of who they are. If the woman you’re buying for loves simple, down-to-earth style, then a classic round-cut stone will make her day. If your woman loves all things glam, look at an emerald or oval-cut stone to complete her dazzling collection.


Finding your perfect stone shape is simple with Jewlr’s step-by-step guide!

Round: Classic Beauty

The round-cut stone has been popular for decades because of its versatility and universally dazzling appearance. This shape gets an ‘A’ in sparkle, sophistication and simplicity. Women with down-to-earth style will love the classic shape of the round-cut stone. Find more round-cut stone rings here.

Emerald: Timeless Elegance

The elegant cut of this stone is a must-have for the woman with polished tastes. The elongated and bold shape of the stone gives it a refined look, and amps up the drama of any outfit. Any woman with an affliction for all things glamorous will appreciate this undeniably stunning stone! You can find more emerald-cut stone rings here.

Cushion Cut: Undeniable Charm

The cushion-cut stone is perfect for any hopeless romantic or woman with ultra-feminine style. Charm your lucky lady with the soft curves of this stunningly shaped stone. This shape makes any sort of gemstone dazzle, making it ideal for the woman that loves to stop the show with a sparkling accessory! Find more cushion-cut stone rings here.

Princess Cut: Modern Elegance

The princess-cut embodies the stunning details that a real princess would: fancy, lady-like and poised. This stone is perfect for the woman with modern and refined tastes. This ring is also one of the more classic stone shapes, giving it a timeless quality similar to the round-cut. Find more princess-cut stone rings here.

Oval Cut: Sophisticated Sparkle

The smooth curves and eye-catching sparkle of the oval-cut gemstone make it undeniably romantic and intensely radiant. This shape is also a great option to use as side-stones on multi-stone rings. Find more oval-cut stone rings here.

Heart Cut: The Symbol Of Love

Sweet and romantic, this cut is the ultimate symbol of love. The heart-cut stone pairs with any promise, engagement or anniversary ring perfectly. This shape is also ideal to use for birthstones of friends and family as well as couples. This cut is perfect for any woman who loves grand romantic gestures. Find more heart-cut stone rings here.

Baguette: Boldly Beautiful

The baguette-cut stone is bold, modern, and speaks volumes about the wearer. The sleek and sophisticated lines of this shape will impress any leading lady. This shape is also great for the woman who doesn’t wear much jewelry or doesn’t want an engagement ring that will get in the way of her day-to-day activities. Find more baguette-cut stone rings here.

Marquise: Dramatically Different

The marquise-cut is the perfect fit for the woman loves to stand out. Originally created for King Louis XV to give to his mistress, the marquise-cut was long adored by the royal family for its distinctive shape. With a rich history, this stone-cut adds a regal flair to any outfit. Give this to the woman who loves to feel like a Queen. Find more marquise-cut stone rings here.

Pear: Utterly Unique

This cut, often referred to as a tear drop, is the perfect combination of dazzling and different. For the woman who appreciates unique jewelry, the pear-cut stone puts traditional shapes to the test. The pear shape is also a fantastic choice for any fashionista that wants something to stand out from the sparkling pieces she already loves. Find more pear-cut stone rings here.

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