The Gift That Will Make Them Fall Head Over Heels

Limitless possibilities come to life with our latest collection of reversible flip rings. From the band to the faces, and everything in-between, our reversible flip ring allows you to tell your unique story with one piece of jewelry! Every flip ring is made completely custom for you or someone you love, taking personalized gifts to another level. 

Begin creating your completely personalized ring by choosing your favourite band, and customizing with any metal and engraving of your choice. Next, hand-pick the two faces that symbolize something meaningful to you and your loved one, or represent something close to your heart. Try customizing one side with our cross design, and the other side with our heart design to pay tribute to your faith and someone special all with one ring. 

The versatility and whimsical nature of the Reversible Flip Ring makes it the perfect gift for yourself or someone you who deserves a special and personalized gift! Explore the entire collection of our Reversible Flip Rings!

Infinity Band

Symbolizing infinite love, this band is the perfect way to express your love to the people who matter most to you. This band encases any two faces with effortless style and a carefully crafted design. Start personalizing your infinity flip ring here!

Fancy Halo Band

This fancy halo band is nothing short of whimsical. With delicate ribbon detailing encasing the designs of your choice, this band adds a feminine touch to your ring. Create something completely unique to you! Start personalizing your own fancy halo flip ring here!

Limitless Possibilities…

Give a gift that will always be treasured with a personalized piece unlike any other.

Start personalizing your reversible flip ring at!

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