Popular Symbols In Jewelry

Jewelry is not only a gorgeous accessory, but also carries symbolic meaning within it. Specific symbols have been used to ward off evil spirits, promote good luck, and even strengthen relationships. Our most beloved and popular symbol jewelry today has a story behind it, and finding the right one can even help enhance your day-to-day life. These pieces are also a great gift for family and friends, who will appreciate learning the meaning attached to their personalized piece. Make any piece even more special by customizing it with your birthstones, favourite metal and unique engraving. 

Keep reading to learn more about your favourite symbols…


The infinity symbol represents eternity with its signature ‘figure eight’ design, and appears to have no beginning and no end. It stands for eternity and limitless possibilities. This symbol is great to represent the unbreakable bond of family, friendship and love. 

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Key and Lock

The key and padlock symbol represents authority, wisdom and knowledge. While the key signifies unlocking the doors to wealth, health and love, the padlock suggests unseen powerful forces. The key has been an important symbol to ancient Pharaohs, Kings and religious figures.

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Lover’s Knot

Bind your love forever with the lover’s knot! Knots significant for their physical representation of keeping two things together. Another interpretation of the knot is that it is flexible but yet secure. This symbol was very popular among sailors and their significant others when they were away at sea.

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Dream Catcher

This is the symbol of positivity as well as strength and unity. The dream catcher is one of the most important Native American emblems, and is believed to have the power to catch all of a person’s dreams, trapping the bad ones, and letting only the good dreams pass through the dream catcher.

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This symbol is associated with flight and spirituality. Most significant in the Native American culture, the feather represents the ascension into spiritual evolution to a higher plane.

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The wishbone is associated with good luck. This tradition started in ancient civilizations and has withstood the test of time. The removal of the clavicle of the bird, breaking the bone and making a wish. This thanksgiving tradition is not only for a festive time of the year, but now we can wear a wishbone piece of jewelry all year round!

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Famously known for their intelligence and great memory, the elephant is also a great symbol of good fortune. The Lucky Elephant bracelet features the animal with the trunk raised-up, which is believed to bring happiness and prosperity to a person’s life, along with a lot of luck.

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