Pop the Question: Temp Tattoo

Tattooing a loved one’s name onto your body may not be something new, but thanks to funky temporary tattoo retailer Tattly, you can sport some spur of the moment “ink” to pop the question.

Safe and non-toxic, printed with vegetable-based ink, Tattly’s fun range of beautifully designed temporary tattoos are innovative accessories that don’t require a lifelong commitment. But if you ARE looking at spending forever with a partner, Tattly has you covered with a cheap and cheerful proposal that’s sure to make your future fiancée do a double-take!

In addition to a growing range of Tattlys, the temporary tattoo retailer also offers custom design services. Popular bridal blog Brooklyn Bride showed readers just how easy it was to create a proposal Tattly that we couldn’t help but feature it again here at Sparkle Daily! After applying their quirky custom design, the Brooklyn Bride team captured the “proposal” effect in this cool animated gif below.


Want to keep the temporary tattoo fun going post-proposal? Consider gifting your new fiancée one of Tatty’s popular Diamond temporary tattoos (pictured below) after she says yes – it’s also a quirky placeholder if you’re planning to shop for a custom engagement ring together at Jewlr.com!


You can order your very own proposal Tattly by emailing their custom design department at custom@tattly.com, or alternatively you can browse the full range at Tattly.com

(top image: Brooklyn Bride, bottom image: Tattly)

What do you think of this unusual proposal idea? Tell us below!


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