Pop the Question: Proposal Ornament

In less than a month, families will be gathering around a twinkling Christmas tree to open presents and create new memories. This intimate occasion, with all its festive glory, has always been a popular time to pop the question and so we’ve prepared the perfect holiday proposal idea for you!

A trimmed Christmas tree is the focal point for any Christmas celebration making it one of the best places to stage a proposal (and post-proposal pictures). With just a simple, and affordable, clear glass christmas bauble, a strip of paper and a pen, you can craft your very own Christmas surprise in minutes.


Pen your proposal clearly on the piece of paper and simply pop off the ornament’s top to place the message inside – ensuring that it’s easily read from the outside. If the opening to your chosen glass ornament is large enough for the ring, this is a great to store the ring for your proposal. If not, the ring will be equally eye-catching strung on top of the ornament loop with a bit of ribbon.

Place the proposal ornament in a prominent position on your family’s tree on Christmas eve and make sure to take them past for a tree-trimming inspection. With the dazzling ring sure to catch your future fiancee’s eye, it won’t be long before this holiday surprise is revealed!

After the initial proposal excitement and putting on of the ring, return the proposal bauble to the tree as a permanent addition to the traditional trimmings and reminder of the special day for years to come.

Not sure where to get a glass ornament like this? Try this retailer for a range of shapes and sizes. Need some sparkle to fill your newly purchased bauble? Jewlr has you covered with a wide range of customizableĀ engagement rings. You can personalize and purchase the perfect one right here at Jewlr.com/engagement-rings.

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Are you thinking about a festive season proposal? Tell us about it below!

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