Pop the Question: Photobooth

As I’m sure most Amelie fans will agree, there’s something inherently charming about photobooths. Despite the advent of camera phones, these little boxes serve more than just a utilitarian role with their ability to capture special moments in four consecutive photos. It’s why, when I spotted this adorable proposal, I had to share it here on Sparkle Daily.


Not only is this proposal by Michael Glasgow (pictured above) relatively affordable – meaning you can put more emphasis on the actual ring – but it captures some of the best facial expressions only a private moment like this can create. While professional photographers can certainly capture the moment without obtruding on the proposal, you’ll be hard-pressed to find quite the same honest emotion which results from the intimate setting.

Best of all? Instead of a hundred photos of the big gesture, you’ll have just one wonderful souvenir that isn’t easily reproduced – making it truly special and unique.

Scout out the scene
This proposal requires very little research so it’s wonderful for spontaneous proposals – provided you’re carrying the ring of course! Simply scout out a few booths in your area and make sure to pop by one before a date.

Stage a dress rehearsal
There are few things that could ruin this proposal, but then again you need only one – booth malfunction. Before whipping out the ring, have a little test run with your beloved before the big reveal – just make sure you undertake a little pose sabatoage to warrant a second take. We recommend closing your eyes or moving just before the snap to ensure your future fiance will want to give it a second try. This test will also give you an idea of how the booth works and what time you have between shots.

Prepare for opening night
Scan the “reject” strip and if it all looks in good order prepare for the real thing. Keep your face relaxed and smile ready. If possible, move the ring box to your hand but be sure to keep it out of sight. After the first photo is taken and the timer is close to the second, bring the ring box into view and open it. Keep your hand suspended for the third shot and pop the question. For the final picture aim for a loving embrace with your now fiance – just be sure not to obstruct her from the camera!

And that’s it! A sweet and simple proposal that packs a lot of punch and will definitely remain a fond memory for the years to come.

(Images: M Glasgow)

What do you think about the photobooth proposal? Would you give it a try? Tell us below!

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