Pop the Question: Park Picnic

With spring in full swing chances are you’re already spending time outdoors. Evening proposals at swanky restaurants may be the tradition, but at Sparkle Daily we think you should make the most of the new season with a fresh take on the mealtime proposal.

Nothing screams “I’m going to propose” quite like a sudden invitation to your local 5-star restaurant. Skip the stuffy silver service and snooty crowd for a surprise proposal with mother nature under the sun instead. Not only will this casual venue throw your potential fiance off the proposal-scent, but the daytime light makes for great proposal pictures if you’re planning on hiring a photographer to capture the moment she says “I do”.

Heading down to your local park may seem like a simple proposal, but it requires a little prep. Here’s our guide to setting the scene.


Pick your day
A weekend picnic may be ideal if you both work, but you could be surrounded by screaming children and rogue frisbees if the park’s particularly busy. Head down to your local park one weekend and see which day draws the biggest crowd. You’ll want to setup your romantic picnic when it’s the quietest.

Our top tip: Consider a weekday picnic during your lunch hour. Not only will a photographer be more available during the week, but you’re likely to have the park largely to yourself.

Pick your spot
Once you’ve settled on a day, scout out a few romantic spots. The last thing you want on the day is to discover your carefully chosen patch of grass is already occupied. Select spots that are far enough from the pathways to be discreet, but close enough that it doesn’t take long for your partner to find you.

Our top tip: Even if the weather is mild, select a few spots with trees for shade. You can always bring along a blanket for a cosy snuggle if your loved one gets cold.

Prepare you picnic
Spontaneity is best with this proposal so be prepared to pack the picnic the morning of the big day. If food isn’t your forte, keep things simple by shopping at your local deli. Select a few rolls, a variety of cheeses, some cold meats, a tasty pre-made relish and some fruit. Pack these items into a crate with your favorite bottle of wine, three wooden cutting boards, a bread and cheese knife, cloth napkins and wine glasses. Lastly warm the bread in the oven, wrap them hot from the oven in a dishtowel and add them to the crate.

Our top tip: Keep food whole and separated in different containers. This way they can be freshly cut on site, keeping you busy while you’re waiting anxiously for your partner’s arrival.

Set the stage
Presentation should be simple. Anything over-the-top will could giveaway the surprise. Lay out a picnic blanket and set out the food on the largest of the wooden cutting boards. Save the remaining two for food prep. Open the wine and keep it upright and secure in the crate, ready for pouring. Your aim is to make it look casual.

Out top tip: You may be tempted to bring a bouquet of flowers or put a few out with the spread. Keep in mind that this may seem unusual to your partner and signify this meetup as more than just an ordinary picnic.

Brief the photographer
Before setting up, go over the plan of action with your photographer. Have them stroll past discreetly, perhaps photographing the scenery, as your partner joins you at your picnic spot. Ask them to keep an eye out for the unveiling and have them snap away every moment that follows.

Our top tip: Candid photos are always best so instruct your photographer to take as many as possible before your partner notices they’re there. There will be plenty of time for posed portraits after.

Plant the ring
Unwrap a warmed bread roll from the dishtowel and place it in a cloth napkin minutes before your future fiance arrives. Before tying it up, pop in your engagement ring and tie the ends at the top in a knot. Place the special package on one of the wooden cutting boards ready to hand to your partner when they get settled.

Our top tip: to prevent the ring from rolling around, slice a cut into the top of the bun deep enough to place the ring. This way when opened, the ring is front and center.

Pop the question
As soon as the ring is revealed be prepared to say the all-important words. And remember, sometimes simple is best even here so speak from the heart – the rest will fall into place.

Good luck and happy planning!

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