Pop the Question: Marry Me Mug

With the days growing darker and colder every week, chances are you and your loved one will be spending more time cozying up inside with a hot beverage. Not only is this intimate time spent together a great way to reconnect on stormy winter evenings or icy mornings, but it just so happens to set the scene for this heartwarming proposal idea!

The most effective proposals are those that come as a surprise and I guarantee this sweet, unexpected idea is sure to take the cake! This everyday white mug, unlike other mugs, hides a simple, yet powerful, proposal inside.


Set the scene
If your partner is the one who usually prepares the tea, cocoa or coffee, make sure to beat her to it one day and offer to prepare the beverage yourself. Brew up her favorite hot drink and fill the proposal mug. Your future fiancee may inquire about the origins of this brand new mug but play it cool and claim you simply found it in the kitchen. The delicious smell of its contents should keep her from further questions!

Pop the question
Settle in alongside her with your own cup while she’s drinking hers, it’s best to keep busy when you’re planning such a big surprise! When the last sip reveals your intentions, prepare by donning your best smile and let the moment unfold naturally. If you’ve already purchased the ring, now’s the time to whip it out and seal the deal!

Ready to prepare for this proposal? You can purchase the hand painted Marry Me mug from PaintMyName right here for just $25!

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What hot beverage would you brew to prepare for this proposal? Tell us below!

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