Pop the Question: Fortune Cookie

We’ve all seen those movie proposal disasters where the girlfriend accidentally consumes and chokes on the hidden engagement ring in her dessert. While this might very well be a film-made myth, we’re not entirely certain submerging some expensive sparkle in a gloopy chocolate mess is a good idea in any case.

But for those that still find the idea of surprising a loved one with an engagement ring in a post-dinner treat exciting, this quirky alternative will be right up your alley!


Fortune cookies have long been a traditional after dinner treat at Asian restaurants. With just a hint of vanilla sweetness and the promise of a fortune inside, they’re a playful finishing touch to a meal. And, thanks to their hollow centre, they’re perfect for storing a marriage proposal inside!

Fortune cookie manufacturers are frequently asked to make custom cookies for special events, but there’s no reason to go to all that extra cost and trouble. All you need is a standard fortune cookie, a paper towel and a microwave.

Step 1:
Purchase 2-3 fortune cookies from your local Asian eatery.

Step 2:
Create a special fortune cookie proposal by typing up or handwriting one on a small strip of paper. Make a few copies, one for each cookie.

Step 3:
Remove the cookies from their plastic wrap and wrap each in a damp, but not soaking, paper towel.

Step 4:
Microwave each cookie, one at a time, for 15-30 seconds – stopping regularly to check on the cookie as microwaves vary. When the cookie has softened, remove it from the paper towel.

Step 5:
Working quickly with the softened cookie, which should be relatively flexible, replace the fortune inside with one of the custom ones you’ve made and close the cookie. As the cookie cools, you’ll find that it returns to its original shape and crispy texture.

On the night:
After you’ve inserted the new fortune into each cookie, either provide these “special” specimens to your waiter for the big surprise, or present them after dinner if you’re having a romantic meal at home. Let your loved one have their pick of the selection, which is why you want more than one, to retain the element of surprise. When they’ve cracked the cookie open to reveal their fortune, whip out the ring and make it official!

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What do you think about this proposal idea? Quirky and sweet or cheap and cheesy? Tell us below!

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