Pop the Question: Emergency Ring

Don’t have the perfect ring for your beloved just yet? Don’t fret! This quirky product will make your proposal one to remember!


While the Emergency Wedding Ring is marketed as “handy for those sudden impulses of marriage”, at Jewlr we think this unusual product is the perfect solution for a modern couple. Not only does the perspex gesture allow you to be completely spontaneous with your proposal, but it gives your future fiancée a chance to play a part in selecting her ring post-proposal – the preferred process for many contemporary brides.


The Emergency Wedding Ring may take the pressure off finding the perfect ring, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still make your proposal special. Here’s how to set the scene before you pop the question:

Add to cart
Purchase an Emergency Wedding Ring for a ridiculously affordable $3.95 from Coolstuffexpress.com.

Keep it safe
Once you’ve received your Emergency Wedding Ring, pop the credit-card sized product into your wallet for safe keeping.

Find the moment
Perfect moments are seldomly orchestrated. When the occasion feels right, make your move.

Lay the foundation
Before whipping out your plastic placeholder, make sure your words are from the heart.

Make your promise
When you do finally present your beloved with your quirky offering, buffer the potentially awkward moment with the promise that you’ll make the very important decision of finding the perfect ring, together – a sign of the partnership you’ll develop in the years to come.

Go shopping
With the formalities over the fun can really begin. Together you can shop Jewlr’s entire range of personalized engagement rings from the comfort of your own home. Just visit Jewlr.com/engagement-rings and get customizing!

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Will you be letting your fiancée pick her own ring? Tell us below!



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