Pop the Question: Champagne Proposal

Today may finally be Christmas but the holidays are still filled with many a celebratory occasion, meaning that in addition to all the festive tipple there will be plenty of bubbly. Champagne has a long tradition with toasts – especially for occasions like weddings – resulting in its frequent appearance at engagements as well!


The champagne proposal, whereby the ring is presented inside a glass of bubbly, is often the prelude to future champagne toasts. This proposal idea may be an oldie, setting the scene for many a film, but it’s still a goodie – after all, not many will say no the the sight of delicious bubbles and a dazzling diamond!

The trick with this proposal, however, is keeping it classy. If you’re planning to pop the question at a restaurant, make sure it’s the creme de la creme of establishments as this gesture is all about suave sophistication. Dressing the part is important too, you are after all the main attraction after the ring! Just be sure to check the dress requirements when making your reservation – you don’t want to wear a tux when a tailored suit will do!

The champagne proposal, despite its frequent appearance in restaurants, isn’t solely the domaine of eateries. In fact an intimate dinner at home, or New Year’s Eve soiree, are equally suitable for this type of proposal – although a few New Year’s fireworks in the background wouldn’t hurt! Just make sure that whatever the scene, you lock eyes with your beloved while you present the glass and ask for her hand.

Our tip for this proposal – make sure the ring is professionally cleaned before and after, it’s important not to contaminate the champagne with chemicals and dirt and to look after your special purchase from the very start. While we’d mention keeping the ring submerged for a little time as possible as ideal, we’re almost certain this won’t be a problem as your future fiancée is sure to have her new sparkle on her ring finger in seconds.

Good luck proposing and wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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