Pop the Question: Bookworm

With wedding season in full swing, it’s likely to bring the question of getting married to the fore. If, however, this question’s already been on your mind, then you’ll be looking for the perfect way to ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage.

If your partner is a teacher, librarian, student, writer or just a good old-fashioned book-lover, this sweet proposal idea is sure to result in a heartfelt “yes”. Taking inspiration from the prohibition days and detective novels, today’s proposal idea is all about the hollow book!

A seemingly simple gift at first, a book will keep your loved in the dark right up until the right moment. When the cover is finally opened, it will reveal a very special ring box inside!


How to make it
Creating a hollowed out book will require a little crafty know-how. If this isn’t one of your skills, enlist the help of a friend or family member who revels in a bit of crafting.

The first step is to find an appropriate hardcover book. Cutting up just any book, however, isn’t okay. Stay clear of antique, special edition or rare books and hunt for a more common second-hand book at your local used-bookstore instead. Once you’ve found a suitable hardcover, follow these helpful steps for hollowing out a ringbox-sized hole inside.

How to gift it
If, while perusing the secondhand bookstore, you spot a few books your loved one would like to read, buy these along with the book you’ve chosen to hollow. When you’ve completed work on the hollow book, place the ring inside and stack the book with your other book purchases. Tie the group together with a thick satin or grosgrain ribbon and leave the “casual gift” on your partner’s bedside table, or wherever you think they’d most like to receive the surprise.

Plant the seed
Once your loved one’s found the gift, you’ll need to ensure they “page through” each in order to find the ring. Simply write an inscription inside the front cover of every book and let your partner know there’s a special message for them in each – including a very appropriate “will you marry me?” in the hollow book.

Life after the proposal
The hollow book not only makes for a memorable proposal, but also provides the perfect vessel for holding wedding day rings. A wonderful way to tie in the proposal to your big day, the hollow book can be carried by the ring bearer and presented at the altar for the ring exchange.

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Would you use this idea to surprise your loved one with an engagement ring or gift? Tell us below!


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