Out with the old, in with the new

7 makeup staples every woman should have at the start of the new year.

7 new makeup products every woman should have

There’s something about the new year that spurs us on to start spring-cleaning, long before the throws of winter are over. But while attentions are focused mainly on what’s lurking beneath couches and at the back of pantry cupboards, very rarely do we spring-clean a little something we use everyday – our makeup box!

We’ve all been guilty of holding onto cosmetics well past their sell by date, perhaps sometimes for convenience, but more so due to cost. Makeup isn’t cheap to replace, especially after you’ve spent all your hard earned pennies over Christmas. But who is to say that you need to be fully stocked from the get go? The basics are all you need to start the year anew and who knows, you might find less really is more!

While I’m no cosmetic expert I do know what works for me. I’m an average makeup user who doesn’t have time to spend fussing in front of the mirror for too long. To get me in and out of the bathroom in record time, without burning a hole in my pocket, these are the products I invest in when it comes time to purge my old stock.

The foundation
No matter whether I’m planning to run errands or dine out with a friend, I’ll never leave home without a perfect “canvas”. I achieve my canvas base with three products: a cream foundation, concealer for blemishes and a little pressed powder. It’s all I need to make myself feel relatively decent if someone arrives unannounced.

A touch of noir
But in all honestly the morning ritual rarely stops there. In addition to foundation I use three other products: black eye shadow, black mascara and pale pink gloss. With an eye shadow brush I line my upper lids with some eye shadow, finishing up with a delicate cat eye flick. While most would use eyeliner I prefer pressed powder shadow. It’s gentle, easy to use and quick to apply. Finally I elongate my lashes with mascara and give the lips a quick once over with some gloss. It’s a simple look that has served me well for many years.

Paint the town red
But this simple look sometimes needs a little va va voom  to take it from day to night. In addition to lining my upper lashes I extend the eye shadow below and under the bottom lashes. Then, instead of lip-gloss, I whip out a statement red lipstick and gently dab it along my lips. Forgoing any lipliner I blend the color  towards the edges to reduce that just-painted look.

So there you have it, two daily makeup looks with just 7 products! Now that surely won’t break the bank!

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