New hues for fall from Essie

A look at the 2012 Stylenomics Collection.

New hues for fall from Essie

This September Essie brings out their latest fall line. Coining their own term, the range is dubbed the Stylenomics Collection. According to EssieStylenomics refers to “an opulent color that lends an upscale look without breaking the bank”.

The collection includes six single-hued polishes, ranging from soft neutrals with a modern edge to rich reds, each with an intense lacquer uniting them all. The range has an almost collegic air about it, and as such the polishes all have suitably scholarly names.

The viscosity of the polish in the Stylenomics Collection ensure most require a maximum of two coats to achieve full opacity. The result is a glossy mirror-like finish reminiscent of wellingtons, raincoats and glistening umbrellas.

New hues for fall from Essie

Here’s a look at the new shades in the collection:

Miss Fancy Pants:
This is a tan nude shade with warm undertones. The subtle hue makes it a fall staple that will go with just about everything. Swap out your usual classic French manicure for this shade instead.

Don’t Sweater It:
This mauve shade has an almost milk-chocolate appearance. Wear it with similarly delicious hues like raspberry, grape and blueberry.

This shade is a mix of plum and maroon, creating an almost red velvet appearance. Pick up on the undertones of this hue with a spectrum of pinks from blush to chartreuse.

Head Mistress:
The bright cherry finish of this polish is the most vibrant and versatile of the range. Wear this classic shade with navy, charcoal and tan.

Skirting the Issue:
The glossy rich red finish of this shade mimics the look of a just-poured glass of bordeaux, merlot or burgundy. Balance the richness of this hue with creamy whites, beiges and greys.

The namesake colour from the fall collection, this hue is my favorite from the range. A combination of the season’s darkest olive, hunter, emerald and pine greens, the overall smokey tone is a great replacement for girls who like to wear black.

To shop the full fall collection, click here.

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