New at Jewlr: Symbolic Charms

In an effort to keep our charm collection up to date, we’ve just released eight symbolic new charms to add meaning to your charm bracelet. Here’s a look at the new designs.


The Asian flowers
In Asian culture, the Lotus flower plays a central role in Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Among its many meanings and varying cultural significance, the lotus is a symbol of “spontaneous” generation – thus representing divine birth, spiritual development and creation itself. Adding to the flower’s meaning is the fact that it requires all four elements to survive. It is rooted in the earth and rises above the water to bloom amongst the air and sun. Jewlr’s Divine Padma LotusLotus in Full Bloom and Splendid Lotus Flower above are beautiful graphic representations of this symbolic bloom.


The representatives
Sound of Universe – Om Charm (left) features the Om, a symbol representing the sound of the universe. Chanting Om is believed to bring inner peace and take you closer to a divine force.

The concept of the seven chakras in our Seven Chakras Charm (center) relates to points of energy in the human body – such as groups of arteries, veins and nerves – that are centers of life force. Each chakra is represented by a color and responsible for different aspects of our health.

There are various meanings behind the flowing water in the Aquarius Free Flowing Charm (right). Featuring flowing water, falling from an upside-down pitcher, the charm not only represents people with an open mind, who are free-spirited and full of knowledge; but also signifies a fresh start – a cleanse from bad things in our lives.


The lucky charm and old favorite
Elephants, in many cultures, are considered sacred. The Asian elephant appears in various religious traditions and mythologies and are sometimes revered as deities, often symbolizing strength and wisdom. Similarly, the African elephant is considered wise – able to settle disputes among the forest creatures in African fables. Ashanti tradition even goes so far to claim that elephants are human chiefs from the past. Today, the elephant is largely a symbol of good fortune and so our brand new Lucky Elephant is the perfect way to add a literal “lucky charm” to your collection.

A collection of symbolic charms wouldn’t be complete without a new infinity symbol-inspired charm. The Triple Interlocked Infinity Charm features our best-selling symbol in a complex knot of curves and stones – symbolic of a love that is bound to last forever.

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Is your charm bracelet just for fun or does it have meaning? Tell us below!

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