New at Jewlr: Symbol Pendants

If you loved the Om and Hamsa Charm designs we released earlier this year, you’ll be happy to hear these powerful symbols are now available as pendants! Just in time to start the new year on the right foot, these new necklaces will remind you to stay on a spiritual path throughout the year.


Om for the New Year
Already available as a charm and various rings in the Jewlr collection, the Om represents the sound of the universe in Hinduism and Yoga and can be seen to represent the past, present and future – a perfect symbol for an insightful new year. Chanting Om is also thought to bring inner peace and take you closer to a divine force – a great alternative to the usual resolutions.

Hamsa for the New Year
Also available as a charm and ring in the Jewlr collection, the Hamsa is a depiction of an open right hand, an image considered a sign of protection. Believed to provide defense against the evil eye – a malicious stare believed to cause illness, death, or general misfortune – this symbol is an ideal amulet for a successful and happy 2014.

For more symbolic jewelry to take you through the new year, including the new items above, visit Remember, as with all Jewlr jewelry, each item can be personalized with your choice of metal and engraving and gemstone where applicable!

Which symbol would you embrace for the 2014? Tell us below!

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