New at Jewlr: Family Pendants

The festive season is a wonderful time to get together with loved ones near and far. While we cannot always have family by our side throughout the year, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t in our thoughts. Honoring the ties that bind between family members, Jewlr’s new range of family pendants keep your family near you heart long after the holidays are over.


As children we’re often asked to draw our family in art class, more often than not resulting in the depiction of those closest to us in enthusiastic crayon stick figures. Jewlr’s new collection is reminiscent of this childhood activity, representing each family member in its simplest form. And just like the row of loved ones depicted in our art class sketches, both human and animal, Jewlr’s family pendants stack alongside one another easily, thanks to their charm-like design.

But unlike the family members in our two dimensional sketches, Jewlr’s Your Man Pendant, Perfect Woman Pendant, Happy Boy Pendant, Happy Girl Pendant, Happy Dog Pendant and Happy Cat Pendant  above feature dazzling gemstones at their centers – perfect for representing individual birth months. For an even more personal touch, each pendant is also engraveable with your loved one’s name, nickname or place in your family.

Available in sterling silver, white or yellow gold, you can start personalizing and purchasing your very own family pendant right here at

Who would feature on your family necklace? Tell us below!

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