New at Jewlr: Doubled Up Rings

Last month at Jewlr we were proud to announce the release of a whole new range of infinity ring designs into the growing personalized ring collection. This month we’re even more excited to share our designers’ latest take on the popular infinity trend! For jewelry lovers who prefer their accessorizes bigger and bolder, Jewlr’s latest infinity ring designs are sure to whet their appetites!


The Tangled Hearts Infinity Ring, Double Infinity Ring with Triple Stones, Double Infinity Ring with Accents and Ravishing Love Infinity Ring above are four larger-than-life designs that despite their scale still feature the classic infinity symbol we’ve come to adore.

Whereas the original range of infinity rings symbolize the single commitment between loved ones, these doubled up rings tell a more intricate story. Representing the entwining of past, present and future; the gravitation of two lifelong loves to one-another; or simply the passionate embrace of a family – these new designs truly embody a favorite childhood character’s phrase: “to infinity and beyond”.

Not sure how to wear this massive symbolic sparkle? With a sizable width, there’s no need to wear any other jewelry. As statement pieces, these rings are sure to single-handedly fulfill any outfit’s sparkle needs.

Ready to own your own larger-than-life infinity ring? You can shop the designs above and more at

Which doubled up design do you prefer? Tell us below!

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