New at Jewlr: Coolr Rings

At Jewlr we’re known for our customizable jewelry and in an effort to keep offering fresh and innovative new designs we’ve introduced our most customizable range yet! The Coolr collection is Jewlr’s latest personalized ring offering and is sure to bring a little color to your life!


Like our other jewelry, the Coolr range is made using gemstones and your choice of precious metal for the setting. The difference? The traditional ring shank is swapped out for a comfortable silicone band – available in 10 vibrant colors. Each Coolr ring, in fact, comes with three of these interchangeable silicone bands – meaning you can match your favorite Jewlr ring to just about any ensemble! Whether you’re a primary colors sort of girl, or looking for some warmer hues for fall, there’s a Coolr silicone band selection for you.


And as if these silicone bands couldn’t get any better, each Coolr ring is easily resized at home, no professional resize necessary! A simple trim in small increments on one end of the silicone band will help you achieve the perfect DIY fit.

But the Coolr range isn’t just about our innovative new band. Some of our bestselling ring designs – like the Infinity Accent Ring – as well as old favorites like the Royal Solitaire Ring, have been re-imagined especially for this quirky new range.

So what are you waiting for? Check out all 16 Coolr designs right here at

What colors would you choose for your Coolr ring’s band? Tell us below!

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