New at Jewlr: Christmas Charms

There are few things more iconic of the festive season than the tree, snowflake and wreath. These three items turn ordinary homes into cosy snow-covered abodes with aromatic fir-scented interiors.

Sadly not every festive reveler will experience these iconic Christmas details. Some may live in warmer climates where snow is unlikely at best, while others are small-space dwellers with little space to spare.

But now, thanks to Jewlr, anyone can have a piece of the traditional Christmas we’ve all come to love. A new range of Christmas charms re-imagines these Christmas icons into wonderful keepsakes.


The Christmas Family Tree Charm, Snowflake Charm, Christmas Tree Charm and Wreath of Love Charm above, are wonderful additions to a loved one’s cherished charm bracelet. Not only a great accessory for the holiday season, these festive charms are a reminder of intimate Christmas gatherings for years to come.

Each charm is customizable with your choice of metal, gemstones and engravings – making them extra special for that special someone. You can either choose to complete your chosen charm with the receiver’s birthstone, or theme it with the season with an icy cool blue or cheery red.

If you start personalizing and purchasing the charms above right now at, you’ll receive up to 60% off your purchase in our Black Friday sale. For more great deals visit

Which festive charm is your favorite? Tell us below!

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