New at Jewlr: Black Diamonds

Diamonds may have traditionally been prized for their crystal clarity, but a dark new diamond trend is changing the jewelry industry’s opinion on the classic diamond. Worn by celebrities Carmen Electra, Lauren Conrad and Christina Aguilera, black diamonds are fast becoming a luxury jewelry mainstay. Thanks to Jewlr’s newest stone addition, you too can rock the darker diamond!


Black diamonds haven’t always shared the limelight, considered the ugly stepsister of the diamond family. But these stones are crystallized carbon, just like regular diamonds, and are actually a whole lot older than the clear variety mined today. Also known as carbanado, Portuguese for “black”, the black diamond’s unusual color is thanks to the presence of dark inclusions. The stones, unlike other diamonds, appear opaque because of their polycrystalline structure – many crystallites of varying size and orientation – which prevents the reflection of light – a characteristic usually coveted when purchasing diamonds.

But despite their lack of reflective “sparkle”, black diamonds add a different dimension to contemporary diamond jewelry and are actually quite rare, and therefore expensive. It’s why, while only recently achieving popularity thanks to innovative marketing, the dark diamond is holding its own in the marketplace.

Always abreast of the latest trends, Jewlr adds 5mm black diamonds to their jewelry offering, meaning you can now customize a host of Jewlr designs with your very own black diamond! You can personalize and purchase black diamond customizable jewelry, like the contemporary Ski tip Solitaire Ring above, right here.

Would you consider buying a black diamond? Or do you prefer your diamond’s sparkling and clear? Tell us below!


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