New at Jewlr: Activity Charms

Last week we featured symbolic charms to add a spiritual element to your charm bracelet, but this week’s new product feature is all about the physical. Staying fit and keeping healthy should be a part of everyone’s life and if you need a little encouragement or simply a sparkly pat on the back in honor of your weekly commitment, Jewlr’s new range of activity charms are for you!


The ballerina
Ballet may have been the extra curricular activity of our youth, but this discipline offers adults a complete body workout. Not only does ballet promote better posture and increase muscle tone, but it also develops poise and body awareness. Jewlr’s new Classy Shoes and Enchanted Ballet Shoes charms are perfect for both the novice and the expert ballerina.


The yogi
Once considered a pastime of bohemians, yoga has become a popular outlet for stress relief, meditation and exercise. As a mind-body practice that combines stretching exercises, controlled breathing and relaxation, yoga promotes mental and physical well-being. The Peacock Feather Yoga Charm and One Legged King Pigeon Yoga Charm are wonderful reminders to work on your practice.


The sports star
Do you use competition to get your heart racing? Then you’ll love our  new equipment charms. The Hole-in-One Golf Charm, Touchdown Charm and Love Game – Tennis Charm are perfect for those with a love for the game.


The runner
Is a quiet run in the early hours or a long distance marathon how you stay fit? Honor your dedication to pounding the pavement every day with Jewlr’s Running Free charm.

You can personalize and purchase these new charms and more at

What activity do you do to keep fit? Tell us below!

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