What’s in a Name Necklace?

Summer time is such a great time for trends and style. It’s too hot to wear too much – so the power of accessories is important and infinite. A lot of the time, the more simple your accessory is, the better. We’ve seen a resurgence in popularity of the name necklace over and over again. Does it ever really go away? A solid trend in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and well into the 2000’s thanks to a certain ‘Sex and the City’ fashionista’s ‘Carrie’ necklace (so iconic, it was even part of the plot line and character arc in the series finale) that seemed to stick with us ever since. Some of our favorite bloggers like Sasha, Alicia and Barbara  have made this trend their very own – and keep swearing to us that they can’t take the necklace off because it goes with everything!


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