Editor Picks: Top 3 Man Repelling Make-up Trends

We’ve given you a taste of our favorite Man Repelling fashion trends in both pant and top fields, but now it’s time to take a look at what goes above the neck. You may find yourself questioning how terrible makeup can get but we bid you this: remember the 80s…? They’re baaaack.

1. Blue Eyeshadow. Done in moderation this trend could border on acceptable, but truth be told, there is very little appeal in having the lids of your eyes emulate baby smurfs. High fashion, yes. An effective way to garner positive attention from a potential love interest? HA. Photo justification below.

image via Fashion with Fifi

2. Bright Red Lips. Look, we’re still stuck in the heyday of Elizabeth Taylor pre-Paxil and all things old Hollywood too but our bright red lips actually function as bright red stop signs.

image via Man Repeller

Fear not, lip lacquered ladies. We write out of camaraderie. A sort of ya-ya sisterhood of the traveling crimson, if you will. Our red lips will continue to live. But so will our single relationship statuses.

3.Too-tanned skin.

image via nyissues.com

Unless you’re a cast member on The Jersey Shore, it’s likely in your best interest (across the board: health, common decency, aesthetic) to keep the fake-baking to a minimum. No body likes a human orange, think before you bed.

Obligatory disclaimer: If you find yourself dumbfounded by how seemingly similar the above beauty regimen is to your own, fear not. We identify ourselves as chronic Man Repellers…so repel on.

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