Lock in your Love






Remember lockets? That heart shaped bracelet or pendant, made to look like a lock with your loved one’s picture inside? Well… we’ve reinvented it! Check out the absolutely beautiful True Love’s Lock Caged Bracelet and the equally stunning True Love’s Lock Caged Pendant. Each of these beautiful pieces is a fashion forward heart shaped lock with exquisite birthstones shining through. You don’t have to open a locket to show off the sparkling birthstones of the ones you hold so near and dear to your heart.

Maybe it isn’t your sweetheart who’s birthstones you want close to your heart, maybe it’s your children. No problem, we’ve got you covered there too! Take a look at this amazing new design! The Cursive Mom Caged Hearts Ring with Infinity Band  is an out-of-this-world ring featuring the word “mom” atop the cage and up to 6 sparkling birthstones on the inside, one for each of your children.

img_9995_720  Isn’t it amazing!?

So next time you’re stuck for the perfect gift for your loved one, design them a piece that is so much more special than anything you’ve ever given them! You’re sure to be their hero with a gift like this!

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