New At Jewlr: Leaves of Love

From family heirlooms to fashion forward pieces, nothing compares to the whimsical, mystical and romantic details of nature. Carefully crafted curves, delicate leaves, and shimmering stones grace the rings, pendants and earrings in our leaf-inspired collection. Designed to capture the beauty of the natural world, each piece is made to feel like it is floating softly through the wind, and embraces the brilliant beauty of Mother Earth. Transform any piece into something made just for you by adding the birthstones of friends and family, selecting your favorite metal or engraving a special name, date or message into the band.

Treating your loved ones to something special is only natural!  

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The Elm Leaf

The elm signifies family, strength and the grounding forces of Mother Nature.

Treat the special woman in your life to a gorgeous elm-inspired cage leaf ring or pendant. Personalize any piece by adding the birthstones of your family and friends in the metal of your choice. Commemorate your most important moments by giving any mother, sister or best friend a customized gift from Jewlr. Personalize the Exquisite Elm Cage Leaf Ring here


The Lilac Leaf

Signifying truth, new beginnings and self-knowledge, the lilac leaf will draw protective spirits into your life.

Represent family and friends by adding the birthstones of your loved ones to customize any lilac-inspired ring or pendant.  The delicate design of this lovely leaf is perfect for any special occasion, holiday or just-because present. Customize the Lovely  Lilac Cage Leaf Ring here.



The Mint Leaf

The mint leaf is a traditional Native American symbol of love, lust, money, virtue and travel.

By channeling the powerful energies of this plant, Jewlr has created mint-inspired jewelry for you to customize any way you want. Create the perfect personalized present by adding the birthstones or favourite glimmering gems to any pendant or ring. Personalize the Mint To Be Cage Leaf Ring here.


The Vintage Leaf

Fall in love with the intricate details of each piece and customize to make it your own.

Our stunning designs are infused with the essence of nature and made for you to order.   Illuminate from the inside out with our selection of brilliant rings and pendants, and personalize them with the stones and metal of your choice. Our pieces are perfect for any nature-lover who loves adding dazzling jewelry to their collection.  Shop the Winds of Love Pendant here.


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