July Birthstone: Ruby

Often referred to as “The King of Gems,” the ruby is a breathtakingly beautiful stone associated with royalty and elegance. July’s birthstone is named for its regal ruby hue, deriving from the Latin word “Rubeus,” meaning red.  If you are looking to treat yourself or someone you love to a special gift, ruby jewelry is the perfect way to make them feel like a king or queen!


ruby(sim)About Rubies

Rubies are among the four gemstones classified as “precious gems,” along with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. In fact, the only difference between ruby and sapphire is the color of the gem. While sapphires have a rich blue hue, rubies can range in color from pink to deep red. If a ruby does not meet a minimum color saturation it is instead classified as a pink sapphire.

Rubies are an incredibly strong and durable stone, rating a 9 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale. This strength and quality makes them a great choice for everyday jewelry and accessories.


History & Symbolism

July’s birthstone is seen as a symbol of passion, harmony and integrity. The glamorous gem is said to offer protection from evil and bring intense love and contentment into the lives of those who wear it. Historically worn by prestigious leaders of society and members of royalty, rubies are associated with power and prosperity and are believed to enhance both leadership and decision-making skills. People still wear rubies today as a way to achieve balance in their lives and attract success.



Rubies are also said to have powerful healing capabilities. Hundreds of years ago, the gem was often worn to expel toxins from the wearer’s body, cleanse the soul and elevate mental wellbeing. Rubies were sometimes prescribed to cure liver problems and even rubbed on the skin to restore youth and vitality. In addition to their other desirable attributes, rubies symbolize love and romance, making them a meaningful gift for someone special in your life.




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