Jewlr Guide to Ring Sizing

While men have traditionally endeavored to find the ring size of their beloveds in secret in order to source a ring without their knowing – contemporary brides are now more involved in the ring selection process than ever before, meaning there’s no excuse for an ill-fitting ring anymore!


You may think that by going in to a jeweler with your fiancé to choose your ring will ensure a good ring fit, but there are some factors you should consider if you’d like to avoid a resize later down the line. Here’s our guide to ring sizing:

  1. Avoid measuring your ring finger when your fingers are cold. Due to the low temperature, your fingers will shrink, resulting in a smaller ring size that may not fit your finger in the summer months.
  2. While warm weather is ideal for measuring your finger, as this will be when your finger is at its largest, keep in mind that the fit should be tight to prevent the ring slipping off in the colder months.
  3. If your knuckle is larger than the base of your finger, measure both the knuckle and the base of your finger. The midway point between these two sizes should provide the most comfortable solution.
  4. The perfect ring size is one that allows a ring to fit comfortably on your finger, while still requiring a little wiggling to get it off. This ensures the ring won’t slide off, or apply too much pressure. Ultimately you are looking for a snug fit.
  5. Finally, be weary of resizing a slightly too small ring early on in your engagement if you plan on changing diets before the wedding. Brides tend to lose weight regardless of what they eat due to nerves, so these factors should be kept in mind as they may result in a last-minute ring resize closer to the big day.

An interesting fact
Your dominant hand’s ring size is likely to be a half or full size larger than your other hand’s corresponding finger – so make sure you’re measuring the right finger from the get go! In the US, brides traditionally wear their engagement rings on their left ring finger.

Where to get your finger sized
The internet is full of clever ways to get your finger sized at home. You can either follow a paper tutorial like this one, or order a cheap ring sizer kit online like this one from Ebay.

Even if you don’t plan on buying your ring from a store, it’s worth popping into one while you’re running errands to get your ring finger measured professionally. Jewelry stores usually offer this service for free and it should only take a few seconds. Having your ring size determined ahead of time makes online ring shopping, like on, a breeze. Plus, even if your Jewlr purchase doesn’t fit the first time, you’ll still have the opportunity to resize your ring for free, up to 2 full sizes.

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