Jewelry Storage Idea: Winter Branches

The festive season may be all about the Christmas trimmings, but at Jewlr we can’t think of a better time to let your jewelry do the holiday sparkle at home. Armed with a winter branch and your favorite bling, you can trim your very own jewelry tree!


Now that the trees are bare, scouting out the perfectly shaped branch should be a piece of cake. While fallen branches will do the trick, if your garden’s trees need a bit of trimming you can easily source a branch of your choosing. For a simple wall hung arrangement one branch will do, otherwise collect a few differently-sized branches for a more traditional spray.

For nature-lovers you can use your branch as is, just like DIY blogger A Pair and a Spare’s very own jewelry tree above – the natural grain a perfect compliment for a rustic Christmas decor style. Alternatively, if your Christmas tree is more on the metallic side, you can spray paint your branch or gold leaf it in your favorite metallic hue.


Arrange your branch or branches either on two hooks on the wall or inside a vase or small pot, using stones for weight if needed. All that’s left it to open up your jewelry box and trim your jewelry tree!

Placed on a dressing table or beside your bed, this simple DIY is sure to add a bit of festive sparkle to your holiday season.

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(images: A Pair and a Spare)

What is your christmas style? Warm and rustic or shiny and glam? Tell us below!

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