Jewelry Storage: Hidden Safes

While it’s easy to keep an eye on your favorite sparkle when you’re wearing it, we can’t all go around wearing every piece of jewelry we own. On Sparkle Daily we regularly feature clever ways to store your collection of earrings, rings, necklaces and charms, but sometimes very special items – particularly those of great value – need a more secure home when not in everyday use.

Fancy home safes may be the most secure home storage solution, but they’re often quite expensive and can actually become a target for thieves if precious jewels are what they’re after.

After a little research I discovered that there is an alternative to the bulky safe that will fit right in to just about any home. Relying entirely on diversion, these modified everyday objects keep your prized jewelry hidden in plain sight. While these clever solutions are normally places to store things like cash and passports, the compartments are perfectly sized for pieces of special jewelry as well.


Barska Book Safe with Combination Lock ($24.99)
We’ve featured books with hidden compartments on Sparkle Daily before, but this nifty tome can hold more than just an engagement ring. Placed among the other books in your home library or office, or casually stacked with some decorative ornaments on a living room shelf, this book safe is easy to access at a moment’s notice. Purchase this item here.


Meridian Point Hidden Wall Outlet Safe ($7.43)
If you’re handy with tools then you’ll find this wall outlet safe is the perfect solution for you. Simply install the faux wall outlet in your room of choice – preferably in a place no one would be tempted to use it – and you’ll have a discreet home safe that will fool everyone. Purchase this item here.


Embassy JB4985 Wall Clock With Hidden Safe ($11.99)
Unlike the two safe solution above, this wall clock still serves its original purpose – the ultimate diversion! A simple hinge in the clock’s design makes accessing your jewelry as simple as opening a cabinet. Purchase this item here.


BARSKA Picture Frame Safe with Combination Lock ($29.09)
A list of home safes wouldn’t be complete without the classic picture-disguised safe. But unlike the art-covered ones you see in the movies, this simple frame holds a 5 x 7 inch photo – making it an easy addition to a gallery wall of family photos or on top of a dresser with other holiday snaps. Purchase this item here.

Not sure these items will suit your home decor? Turns out there are tons of hidden safes to choose from! An online search is all you’ll need to do to find the right fit.

Which of these clever solutions is your favorite? Tell us below!



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