Jewelry Storage: Bust

While busts have long served as a way to capture the visual likeness of important historical and mythological figures, at Jewlr we think these static sculptures are the perfect place to casually drape our favorite necklaces when they’re not in use.


In fact, while we do strive to provide innovative jewelry solutions, the bust as jewelry display has been used by professional jewelers for decades – albeit in a more simplified form. The “headless” busts in jewelry stores may offer a cleaner view of their prized products, but the old-style bust, complete with static expression, is a far more interesting addition to a dressing table at home.


From miniature ladies to life-size dames, the jewelry busts above show just how effective this jewelry storage concept is. And, if you’re looking for more sparkle to add to your necklace collection, you can start straight away by browsing and customizing Jewlr’s range of pendants and name necklaces at

Don’t own a bust to repurpose for your jewelry? Try these chic and affordable necklace display busts from Classy Mannequins.

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