Jewelry Care: Diamonds

While diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth, they’re not indestructible. It’s therefore important to care for your diamond jewelry just as you would with your other investments. Here are a few tips to keep those diamond’s danger-free and dazzling:


When to wear
Diamond’s may only be cut and polished by other diamonds, but a hard blow can cause them to chip. You should never, therefore, wear diamond jewelry when doing rough work with your hands.

Products used in cleaning and gardening can also tarnish a stone so make sure to store your diamond jewelry, particularly rings, away carefully when undertaking home maintenance.

Keep them separate
We’ve already mentioned above that diamonds can only be cut and polished by other diamonds. It therefore stands to reason that diamond jewelry can scratch other diamond jewelry if stored together in a jewelry box. Protect the stones and polished metal of all your jewelry pieces by storing them in individual fabric-lined compartments, fabric pouches or tissue paper.

Check the setting
While a diamond ring’s stone is relatively robust, the setting can loosen over time from wear and tear. Make an effort to regularly check that the setting’s prongs hold the diamond securely and have the ring immediately attended to by a professional jeweler if anything feels remotely loose – the smallest reduction in tension on the stone can lose a grip on an expensive stone.

Clean with care
When giving your diamond jewelry a little spring clean at home, stay away from kitchen and bathroom sinks and harsh cleaning chemicals – two common dangers when undertaking jewelry maintenance.

If in doubt have a jeweler give your diamond jewelry a professional clean. Thanks to their specialist cleaning equipment, your diamond jewels will look brand new post clean.

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