Jewelry Care: Chains

While we often go to great lengths to look after our favorite rings, necklaces rarely get the same careful treatment. With hair, natural oils and chemicals from perfume in direct contact with a necklace’s chain, it’s not only important to store your necklaces correctly, but to also routinely clean them.

Today we investigate the top three problems your necklace chain is likely to face in its lifetime and offer up a quick and easy way to solve them.


Prevent tarnish
When it comes to jewelry care, preventative measures are always far better than reactive measures. In order to prevent the build of of dirt or tarnish, regularly treat your favorite necklace chain to its very own spa day. Create a paste with baking soda and water and gently scrub your chain with a toothbrush – the bristles will help get into all those tricky links. Once you’ve given the entire length of chain a once over, rinse and rub dry with a cloth – making sure no moisture remains before storing.

Untangle knots
Rings, bracelets, earrings and charms are easily stored in your average jewelry box, but unless you have a necklace mannequin or specially-designed wall unit – your necklaces are likely to regularly find themselves in a knotty mess. But fear not as there is a way to quickly remove those dreaded knots! Place a few drop of olive or baby oil on your thumb and index finger and slowly rub the knot between them. This step will only loosen the knot a tiny bit, but it will help the next step tremendously. Using two needles or sewing pins, carefully untangle the knot by placing one in the center to keep the knot stable and using the other to carefully pull through one of the chain ends – the oil will help the links slide out easily.

NB: Before storing your newly untangled necklace, be sure to give it a quick clean with our solution above.

Remove tangled hair
If your locks extend beyond the nape of your neck, chances are you’ve had your fair share of painful tangles with your favorite necklace. Updos can certainly prevent the problem in the future, but what do you do with the hairy mess in the meantime? While we’ve heard hair removal cream does the trick, at Jewlr we believe in steering clear of harsh chemicals for all your jewels. The safest way to rid your necklace chain from hair is to simply snip the hair in the tangled areas with a pair of nail scissors – the curved blades allow for a close cut without the risk of nicking your necklace. Once you’ve snipped just about as much as you can, use tape to pull out the loose hairs. Repeat the process as needed.

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How do you keep your necklace chains in tip top shape? Tell us below!

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