Infinite Love: A Reminder

INFINITY: derived from the Latin word, infinitas, meaning “the state of being without finish”.

We at Jewlr believe in love. I mean, we have to really – the foundation of our company is built around the idea of this. Love for your spouse, your parents, children, best friends… the list goes on. We deliver symbols and tokens of love every single day, all around the world. So what is the ultimate form of love? The largest, widest quantity? “I love you to…infinity!”

The idea of Infinite love isn’t that foreign to us – nor our fans. One of our most beloved pieces is our Infinity Ring – whether it be the classic or one of our variations. Every day we are stunned to see just how many people are reaching for this tiny, ‘sideways 8’ to express their devotion. Should we be stunned though? If there really isn’t any other word, any grander expression than “infinite”… you can’t stretch it further. You can’t go bigger. It’s never ending and the ultimate statement of romance. It’s wonderful!

So we’re going to let your daily orders of infinite love serve as our daily reminder to extend love and understanding in our own lives – to the ultimate exponent.

Photo 2-3-2014, 4 00 15 PM

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